Saturday, June 7, 2008

What happened to all the Hack and Slash games.

Until recently all of the games available to play as an old style hack and slash role playing game was Diablo II. I have just discovered that WOW is a seme-hack and slash type game but does satisfy my every need in a role playing game like Diablo II. Still unsatisfied with the game market? I wouldent blame you. To blame is Blizzard and its co-companies only. God knows what they are doing down in Blizzard land. If anybody wants to know a little inside secrete, blizzard does not intend on making Diablo the same way as before. Boo Hoo, what a shame and when it does come out it will be a pay site like WOW. Daniel Koerner

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dkoerner06 said...

I can see your very interested in vidio games.These things seem to rise your sences and fill yourfantasy needs. however i suggest going to school and getting a job so in the spring time you can by a house and get out of mine ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.
Love Daddy